Turn your walls into an interactive canvas with Scribit

What if you could instantly turn your office or living room wall into a canvas for digital content, and update it in real time?
Scribit is a write and erase robot that allows you to draw any content sourced from the web and update it in real time, Scribit design and crafted by MIT Professor Carlo Ratti, ” Scribit is a small writing robot than can draw images and text on any vertical surface” Says Ratti.
A restaurant can post the day’s menu on its, wall, professionals can support their focus by writing new motivational sentences every day, or someone who loves art can draw on a Van Gogh – or their own drawings – onto their bedroom wall.
Scrib it is also an amazing way to entertain the attendees of a live event. We accomplished this in April at Milan Design week 2018, the world’s leading design event.

Scribit – Turn your wall into an interactive canvas

CREATED BY MIT PROFESSOR CARLO RATTI, SCRIBIT IS a small “writing robot” that can draw images and text on any vertical surface. What if you could instantly turn your office or living room wall into a canvas for digital content, and update it in real time?

Specifications :

  • A vertical surface, a socket and an Internet connection. That’s all you need to use Scribit.
  • Scribit can operate between 4 colours combinations.
  • The default colours are Red, Yellow, Blue and Black, can be replace with 24 default colours.
  • With special patented technology, Scribit can safely draw, erase and re-draw new content an infinite numbers of times.

How does it work?
The little pod highlighted above can heat up to 149F. As simple as that :it will run across the design and the ink of the marker will evaporate little by little.

How does Scribit erase their drawings?

Andrea Bulgarelli, Product Manager at Scribit, interviewed at the Scribit Labs in Torino (Italy), shows the magic behind the erasing technology of Scribit.

The Scribit App is designed to allow you to seamlessly browse through a sea of content from Artists, Illustrators and developers, anywhere in th web. It is a unique way to interact with your friends by sharing drawings, fun facts or notes that can appear on your wall in just a few minutes.

Scribit will offer users access to a broad range of digital content structured around mini Apps. In this global marketplace, people, businesses or institutions – from artists, to museums, to media organisations – can develop and upload any type of content.

Imagine if you could reconfigure your walls every day.You might draw on masterpieces from the best museums of New York, Paris or Tokyo, or discover the latest works by emerging artists.

We’re developing more and more integrations between Scribit, other Apps and AI systems like Alexa, Google and Siri.
If you have any idea on this, please let us know!

By using your PC or laptop you’ll be able to download, create or modify through your favorite design softwareany content you like.

When you’re ready, you’ll send it to Scribit via Web browser (like Chrome or FireFox) with one of the extensions above.

Yes, Scribit is a robot. It is 6.6 inch x 3.15 inch in dimension and covered in aluminum on the outer part. The core of its technology is a rotative engine that allows to be in writing or stand-by position, beside changing color when the drawing requires it.

Scribit’s ear-like structure are actually wheels that allow it to climb walls.

It’s quite small, but big enough to be noticed when in action.

The LED strip on the top is Scribit’s way to communicate with you. According to the color of the light and if it’ll be pulsing or flashing, you’ll be able to understand whether Scribit is busy, resting or loading a new drawing.

“We are totally deluged with information, and spend too much of our non-sleeping time in front of one form or another of digital screen – TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.”

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