Superhero Alphabet “Superbet“

Simon is an art director, illustrator and designer. He grew up in New Zealand and currently resides in Sydney, Australia. He has always been known to his friends and family as a doodler. He’s drawn over his maths exam, into sand at the beach, into his food, at client meetings, and possibly on your face when you were drunk off your face that one time.

After finishing his Graphic Design degree he spent the first 5 years of his career in New Zealand as a digital designer/animator at Saatchi & Saatchi and Colenso BBDO. In 2012 he crossed the ditch to become an art director at BMF Sydney, where he has worked on numerous above-the-line campaigns. Partnering with Tim Smith, they’d picked up a few awards along the way. In 2015 Simon took time off to spend a year as an illustrator. In that year he’s worked with Ogilvy & Mather HK on clients such as Nike, and Smart, collaborated with a writer to illustrate a childrens’ book Liam The Brave, as well as creating his own project ‘Superbet’ which has gained much attention globally and featured on sites such as CNet, Huffington Post, Laughing Squid and Geekart.

Superheroes from A to Z.

Imagine every single letter of the alphabet ist redesigned in the look of different superheroes and is inspired by the character which name started with this letter.

These would be great for kids, or as CNet put it, „perfect for any bedroom wall or pinned up at a School for Gifted Youngsters.“

The illustrator Simon Koay just did it and now we can enjoy exactly 26 individual and detailed artworks who look very fantastic. It feels like he reimagined every hero of the world from Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, to Omega Red or Zatanna.

On his Society6-shop you can choose your favorite personality and buy them as print. To us it sounds perfect!

Reae more  : Website   / All Images © Simon Koay  


Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_011

Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_02
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_03
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_04
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_05
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_06
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_07
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_08
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_09
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_10
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_11
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_12
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_13
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_14

Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_15
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_16
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_17
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_18
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_19
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_20
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_21
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_22
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_23
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_24
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_25
Superhelden-Alphabet Superbet_26


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