Modern Alchemy Symbolic Paintings – Combine The Aesthetics Of Medieval Art

El Gato Chimney - El Gigante El Gato Chimney - The Catcher El Gato Chimney - Mai Troppo Tardi El Gato Chimney - Tra Amici

El Gato Chimney - My Black Heart El Gato Chimney - The Oracle El Gato Chimney El Gato Chimney - Forgotten Roads El Gato Chimney - Prospective
Images © El Gato Chimney
Via designboom

El Gato Chimney - Forgotten Roads

El Gato Chimney is a self-taught artist based in Milan. His colorful paintings are a form of modern alchemy, combining the aesthetics of medieval art (the 9th and 10th centuries) with steampunk culture, pagan symbolism, street art, and surrealism. In each piece, anthropomorphic animals and uncanny hybrids populate Bosch-like fields, gathering to perform arcane rites and rituals. The sky is frequently divided between night and day, reflecting the duality and ambiguity of Chimney’s world, where nothing is purely good or evil, light or dark. By combining different symbols and offering no conclusions, Chimney seeks to “make the beholder think and wonder instead of being a passive observer.” Visit his websiteand Instagram to view more.

Via designboom

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