10 Thank You Notes and Cards to Show Your Appreciation to All the Amazing People in Your Life

10 Thank You Notes and Cards to Show Your Appreciation to All the Amazing People in Your Life

10 Thank You Cards to Show Your Appreciation to All the Amazing People in Your Life

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You have probably written dozens of thank you notes in your life. To your grandma, to your wedding guests, to your best friends—sending a sweet card can express your gratitude for gifts received. More importantly, a well-written thank you note lets the recipient know you value the intangible gifts they give. Love, time, and advice all deserve recognition. As you express your gratitude to the people around you, consider sending a thank you card from our curated list of top-tier stationary from independent artists.

Greeting cards are as old as correspondence itself. The commercial revolution of the 19th century brought pre-made cards and modern postal speeds. The Victorians had particularly ornate notes they shared on Valentine’s Day. Today, you can find many kooky options or classically elegant examples. You can even make your own with the right card-making supplies. From New Year’s wishes in ancient China to modern thank you cards, sending a notes has always shown one cares.

Once you find the perfect card, you have to find the perfect words. Formal notes can be intimidating to write. The modern thank you note, however, is more flexible than the prescribed forms of the past. For some guidance on what to include, check out this schematic from the card-experts at Hallmark. The Spruce also has tips on how to write a thank you note which will convey your true gratitude. Whatever the occasion, the recipient will know what their gift—tangible or intangible—meant to you.

Find a thank you card for any occasion with our curated list of sweet notes.

Plant this card and let it grow…

Thank You Homemade Paper Card

flowerseedpaper | Set of 3 for $12

Say thanks with a side of sass.

Dog Butts Funny Thank You Note

FantASSticBeasts | $5 per card

Let your little one’s good manners shine.

Kids Thank You Notes

MadeBy Ellis | $1.35 per card

Cultivate relationships like a garden.

Floral Thank You Notes

ByBeckyAmelia | Set of six for $20.05

Say thanks en español.

Gracias Cards

CitlaliCreations | Set of four for $9.99

Your wedding thank you notes deserve the luxury of letterpress.

Letterpress Wedding Thank You Notes

Minted | Set of 100 for $390

The Great Gatsby would love these Art Deco notes.

Wedding Thank You Cards and Envelopes

Minted | Set of 100 for $208

Thank a friend and say “cheers.”

Drink Thank You

SkpInk | $3.50 per card

Woodsy words for woodsy friends.

Woodsy Pine Trees

PinkiesInkings | $8 per card

A thank you care package they won’t forget.

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