Wall paper Sound Insulation with Style

Wall paper Sound Insulation with Style

Ginkgo is an attractive sound-absorbing solution that combines Japanese tradition with a contemporary European perspective. Ginkgo can be a cloudy sky in winter or a forest ablaze with colour during the autumn. Merely by changing the colours, this simple shape can bring different inspirational landscapes into your indoor environment. Ginkgo reduce ambient noise and echoes in the room.


If you can hear what’s going on in the next room, or if your neighbours are complaining about your noise level, Dragon scales are the solution for you.
Thin walls can be beautifully sound proofed by sticking these hot pressed polyester tiles that absorb sound.  Stone Designs from Madrid, fashioned these Ginkgo Acoustic tiles to attach to the wall with Velcro. This means that you can arrange colours and patterns to suit your artistic tendencies, whilst being functional.  Bla Station are the distributors worldwide.

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