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Digital product design is a very fast-growing industry that requires a very high focus and constant improvement from the designers. We decided to come up with a series of articles/feeds that feature some of the best examples of UI/UX design works that inspired our team. We hope they will be helpful for digital product designers while hey look for new navigational patterns, micro-animations, transitions and just simple UI solution.

Here is a series of the design works created by agencies and individual designers around the globe. We hope that one of these works will inspire for some cool new UI solutions that will solve some real business problems beyond just making your product look and work stunning.

by Anastasia

Maxim Nilov

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👨‍🎨 Ramotion

UI animation for an IoT product

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👨‍🎨 Tomasz Nadratowski
👥 EL Passion (EL Passion)

Interesting way to interact with cells inspired by native iOS elements.

by Anton Mikhaltsov

by Parsa Aghaei

Artur Kazuchits

by Darion Mitchell


by Juraj Masar

Baroque a large architecture & interior design business WordPress Theme

by simantOo

by Ola Frick

by Rahmadhana Ramadan

by Afterglow

by Sèrgi Mi

by YueYue

by interface market

by mr.alidoost 



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