This Amazing Café In Seoul Will Make You Feel Like You’re Living In A Cartoon

Nowadays it seems that we’ve seen so many incredible cafés and restaurant that it’s impossible to come up with something unique. Well, this café in Seoul will definitely exceed your expectations since it’s one-of-a-kind interior will make you feel like you’ve stepped in a cartoon.
This café got inspired by a Korean TV hit W – Two Worlds” by Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo, in which the characters enter a fantasy webtoon world. Every single detail in this place is so well though that at first it might seem unbelievable that this place actually exists! So if you are a fan of illustrations and places with a unique interior, make sure to put this café in your itinerary next time you visit Seoul, you can find it in a popular Yeonman-dong district and it is called Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 which is actually cafe’s address.
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