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surrealism and visionary art by Yuri Tsvetaev

Yuri Tsvetaev was born in Moscow in  1948 , his surrealist art style is unique and instantly recognizable. His figurative works are created with a very fine gatherings. Each object, animal and even the scenery is given a face. Looking at his figurative paintings becomes a game of hide and seek where the observer tries to spot all of the unique faces hidden with his oil paintings. The observer is left to imagine on their own. What the scene represents, why the characters gathered and what they are and what they are talking about is left for the observer to decide. This create paintings that can be admired for hours on end. Each time you revisit the painting you see new faces, discover more angles, and slowly uncover it secrets. Yuri Tsvetaev also paints abstract oil paintings.

Each paintings has a thematic color, each brushstroke  is easily visible and guides the eyes with grace.

Yuri’s artwork have been exposed around the world since 1979. From Paris, to Moscow, Miami, Buenos Aires and many more cities, Yuri’s art has been given worldwide fame and exposure.

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