Stunning Urban Instagrams

Stunning Urban Instagrams of Chicago by Zach Lipson

Zach Lipson is a talented self-taught photographer who was born and raised outside of Detroit and currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. “My journey into the visual arts began at an early age”, he says. “From sketching, to graphic design, to interface design, my artistic interests have transitioned through a variety of mediums over the years.” Zach shoots a lot of architecture, lifestyle and street photography.
In March of 2015, I began my journey into photography when I purchased a camera to help document my travels. To learn, I began taking pictures of the architecture and the people in Chicago. Although it wasn’t the intention, I quickly became infatuated with photography and it’s ability to document the world around me. What started as simply “learning” to use a camera, became a passionate hobby that changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Photography has taken to me to beautiful places, introduced me to great people, and has given me a creative outlet unlike any other I’ve experienced. I’m grateful for the experiences and opportunities that have come my way and I look forward to what’s to come.

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