Many of the portraits of the Costa Rican designer and illustrator Paola Wiciak have been chosen ambassadors for companies of the caliber of Adidas, IBM, AirCanada, Siemens or ABANCA , entities with a planetary commercial dimension that, although from very different industries, have decided to rely on talent of this young creative who currently operates from Prague.

Although technically we are talking about hyper-realistic pieces , the magical, dreamlike, fantastic component in each of them is undeniable. Perhaps it is the gestures of his characters, the compositions, the precision of the lines or that pastel palette that at times seems to flirt with fluo tones; maybe it’s none of this, maybe it’s all Be that as it may, his work does not go unnoticed, quite the contrary.

Below we share some of the works that for different reasons we understand are the most interesting technically and conceptually to explain the success of Paola Wiciak . To enjoy.

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