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Pat Perry’s Intricate Portraits of People Intertwined with the Natural World

Pat Ferry is an American visual artist primarily painting, drawing, photographing, and installing large scale outdoor mural installations.

Throughout the 2010’s a series of sketchbooks and phots documenting years of traveling itinerantly around the United States, accidently became some of perry’s most well known works. Simultaneously, his large scale works and posters have called attention to various social cuases through collaborations with groups such as the Beehive Design Collective, Apt Arts, No More Deaths, and the UN High Commisioner for Refugges.

In 2018, Perry’s largest body of paintings debuted as a solo exhibition titled, National Lilypond Songs at UICA in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In eraly 2020, several of the works were exhibited alongside new works in a solo exhibition titled, Song and Dance at Takashi Murakami’s Hidari Zingaro gallery in Tokyo.

Perry’s ongoing series of Recital works use a fictional group of performers to animate social and emotional effects of 21st century technologies, as well as knowledge limits of individual meaning making. The works include paintings, drawings, and installations of life size paraformers on interstate medians and roadside throughout the Midwest. Pat works and lives in a small downtown neighborhood on Detroit’s East side.

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