A couple that creates crazy worlds together, stays together? In this particular case… YES! This is the collaborative work of Australian husband and wife team, DABSMYLA. This post is just a teeny tiny fraction of their work. They paint {yes, those are paintings, not digital illustrations}, build whimsical interior installations, and cover entire buildings in their spectacular outdoor murals. Here is part of their ‘about’ section that sums things up quite nicely:

“There is nothing random or erroneous in DABSMYLA’s work; it’s planned and executed with the precision of a diamond heist and with the charm of a Technicolor world.

DABSMYLA enhance their works with immersive environments that enhance the sense of whimsy and grandeur contained inside paintings, mixed media and sculpture. This milieu isn’t simply adornment, but rather the tangible foundation for which everything else stands upon.

It’s this warmth and willingness to share which makes DABSMYLA’s art completely unique. Exploring tactile themes through sight, touch and sound, there are no boundaries so that the lines between real life and dreamscape are non-existent.”

Beyond the Streets - NY

Magical Thinking

Its You Wildflower


Imagine The Possibilites Beyond



Things That Can't Be Seen

Cosmic Garden with Subconscious Thought




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