Bond Redesigned With The Classic 007 Film Poster

Cardiff-based illustrator and graphic designer Matt Needle has spent the last seven months putting his own spin on all 25 of the original posters from the cult James Bond film franchise

A small ray of hope for 007 design nerds comes in the form of a personal project by graphic designer and illustrator Matt Needle, titled Bond Redesigned. The Cardiff-based designer has spent the last decade building up a movie industry client base including Warner Bros and Marvel, but over the last seven months of lockdown he has been creating an alternative movie poster for every film in the Bond franchise since it first began in the 60s.

Here, we speak to Needle about the inspiration for the project, the process of bringing the alternative poster series to life, and why making time for passion projects is invaluable when it comes to your commissioned work.

See the full project at @needledesign | Via creative review


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