Artist brings us vivid memories of the villagers and their lives in her paintings.

Trang is young up-and-coming artist whose mind has been engraved with images of the city and the villages of the North She brings us vivid memories of the villagers and their lives in her paintings.     

She painted scenes of landscapes impasto texture thick with color bright of red orange , yellow and blue , which makes the kind oflandscape itself 
His paintings depict his passion for showcasing the brilliance and freshness of Vietnam ‘s landscapes For each brush stroke reflects hislonging to bring out a world of complications in the life easy and a deep appreciation of the blessing of nature and beauty .


Phan Thu Trang paintings

Phan Thu Trang paintings (1)


Phan Thu Trang paintings (2)
Phan Thu Trang paintings (3)

Phan Thu Trang paintings (4)

Phan Thu Trang paintings (5)

Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings _-- 6-.jpg

Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings _-- 7-.jpg

Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings _-- 8-.jpg

Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings _-- 9-.jpg

Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings _-- 10-.jpg

Phan Thu Trang - 35-.jpg

Phan Thu Trang - 42-.jpg

Phan Thu Trang - 54-.jpg

Phan Thu Trang (62)

Phan Thu Trang - 66-.jpg



Phan Thu Trang - 76-.jpg


Phan Thu Trang - 2-.jpg





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