A look at the Works of José Eduardo

A look at the Works of José Eduardo

Today we’ll take a look at the works of José Eduardo, an artist from Portugal with many years of experience and a lot of beautiful designs. A few of them you can watch in today’s post.

Silva: “I’m from Oporto, Portugal. I was born in 1968, so I watched, in the first row, the move from analogue to digital design. In my teen age, we didn’t have any higher school that could teach us and give us a degree in digital design. So I open my own studio and start to work mainly to exhibitions clients. With a vinyl cutting printer, I vectorized thousands of logos: it was my learning degree! One day, a client that liked a lot my work, asked me if I wanted to work in his company, as a graphic designer. Let’s go, I said. After that, he opened a advertising agency and I am the number one employee until today.”

by Silva Gomes


by Silva Gomes


by Silva Gomes



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